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Practice #8 - All It Is

In the following audio, you'll receive instructions on a practice I call All It Is.

After the first practice session, there's a few minutes of Q&A ... this information may help with your practice and it'll give you a few minutes to rest and integrate what you've just experienced.

Then there's another practice session, where there are some added, new instructions.

Finally, a few more questions and answers.


After you've experienced All It Is, try it during your day -- while you're in the eating, or waiting for something, or while you're watching TV... let your attention rest, experiencing this new relationship to whatever appears as the object of your attention.

If you want some BIG fun, see your partner, or child, or pet or friend through these eyes.

And if you want to set aside a few quiet minutes to practice and see how effortlessly you can experience All It IS, enjoy. Be attentive to thoughts like, "I need to do this all the time."

The Advanced Meditations don't have the idea that you need to do them "more" because they aren't based on the idea that you need to "fix" or "improve" something.

So, simply enjoy them for as long as you do. You'll know when "it's done."



What did you discover or experience with All It Is?

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